The Big Draw at Pleasanton

Most managers work very hard and work longer hours than anyone on their teams. They spent all day sitting around with their feet up on the desk reviewing reports with coffee. However, as a MBA candidate, I have learnt a new method of doing business in our social media class. My MBA cohort has been invited by Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council (PCAC) to help the organization to promote Pleasanton Chalk Art Festival, which is also called “The Big Draw.” 


So, me and my group member started our viral campaign by creating a video. We then put our video in different social networking sites including Facebook page, Twitter account, and Youtube, to promote and invite more people to join the event. Finally, we got about 100 views and 8 “Like” for the video we put in the Youtube.


This is what happen on that day:



This is what I have learnt after doing this project. There is no doubt that sometimes we made our decisions based on the reports. However, live experience is another way to do business compare to reviewing the financial reports. As a marker, having yourself get involved into an event will give you a better idea of how customers feel. In addition, “Data is dead, social network is live.” Therefore, use your social networking power to connect more people would help you to create a more successful event. 


15 pieces of advice I would give to myself as a new MBA student

No matter how many years of school you have already taken or how old you are, being a MBA student is difficult. As a new MBA student, here are the 15 pieces of advice I would always remind myself. 
1. The MBA is different from my undergrad degree
Undergrad degrees have a more structured learning model, however, MBA program are much more interactive, and engage in the discussion.
2. It’s all about learning
Taking an MBA program is the best place to try new ideas and see what works. The primary objective at school is to learn. Ask questions to get the quickest route between ignorance and knowledge.
3. Be open to share my experience
If there are some topics that I will know more than the instructors and my classmates, I should share the information freely. So, my classmate benefits from my experience and learn the ability to communicate.
4. Social networking is important
The person I am competing with today could be my business partner in the future. The contacts I meet in the class may help me to get a job or provide me business opportunities after graduated.
5. Learn to work in a team
Working with other classmates is a good way to communicate, network, and get team experience. Try to help others if they have hard time on some difficult materials.
6. Learn to read quickly
MBA program required lots of reading materials including case studies, textbook, and lecture notes. I should learn how to skim text and find the most important message from the readings.
7. Establish a schedule
There may have many required assignments or writings in different courses. Having a daily planner can help me to keep track on everything I need to do each day. So, I won’t miss out any assignments or exams and help me with my time management.   
8. Know what I want out of an MBA program
Setting goals about what I want to learn from an MBA program, such as gaining a global perspective, working with other classmates, and using social media as a main form of communication.
9. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” I should always keep wanting something more and something new. Also, I should always keep an open mind, never think that I know everything.
10. Be active
Active classroom participation improves grades without increasing study time. For example, I can actively listen, think, question, and take notes in the class. However, if I act bored or daydream, I may need to spend additional work outside of class to achieve the same degree of learning by participate actively.
11.  Take a break
It is very important to have my life and course work balance. If I can’t manage the workload or feel struggled, I will take a day off to do something I like to do.
12. Proper sleep is important
Not sleeping properly can make me out of energy, which will ruin my concentration power. This will certainly affect my efficiency and I might simply end up working hard with no good results.
13. Overcome your weaknesses
I need to understand my limitations and accept them. However, I can always try to overcome them by getting feedback from my professors or classmates.
14. Keep exercise
Exercising can be a great stress buster and help me boost up my energy levels. Being an MBA student, I am required to do a lot of activities and thus, need to have high energy levels.
15. Develop leadership skills
Since I will be hired at a managerial position after completing the MBA program, it is very important that I am able to manage a group of people. I can always practice this skill through the group project.

How will technology shape events like these in the future?

In recent years, the world has been hit with a series of big disasters, such as the tsunami in Indonesia, earthquakes in Haiti and Asia, and the earthquakes in Chinese province of Sichuan. Social media has played an important role in disseminating information about these disasters by allowing people to ask for help and sending volunteers and officials with the supplies to the disaster area.

Recently, a strong earthquake that struck the Chinese province of Sichuan. During the earthquake in Sichuan, emergency relief agencies such as the Sichuan Red Cross maintain Sina Weibo accounts, which is one of the most popular social media networking in China, and use them to disseminate information to the public, such as how volunteers can help and where to get shelter and aid following a disaster. A study showed that the public is now seeing social media as an important medium to communicate with their friends and families in order to seek help before, during or after an emergency situation.

However, the public must also be aware of the authenticity of Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and other mediums. Those accounts should be verified in order to avoid some illegal activities that created by some social media users for their own monetary gain.

As an MBA student, how have you used social media or technology (for those of you who do not engaged in social media) to enhance your experience as a student?

As an MBA student, social media has become part of my daily lives. I communicate with other classmates through email, Facebook, and Skype. I update and upload regularly to contribute to the project. Sometimes, I meet with my group online by using Google+ (plus). Thus, there is no doubt that social media is a wonderful tool that helping us search information and communicate with friends around the world.

However, social media has contributed to the decline of civic engagement in my life. Yesterday, I was having a dinner with my friends, most of them started to log-in to their social network after they have been seated. They had no interest in socializing with others, but found it more enjoyable in texting, tweeting, and Facebook-ing for most of the evening. The thing that ignored me the most was that they took photos for each dish that served, so I have to wait a couple of minutes before starting my meal. And my friends updated their profiles every few minutes.Having had such an experience, I asked myself: Are those photos more delicious than the food?

This video ( shows how a typical Asian teenager is engaged with social media in her daily life. Check with yourself to see how many thing(s) that you did the same like her.